• 8 Weeks to More Energy! (Part Two)

    Thursday, April 11th, 2024

    by Michelle Cederberg, Health and Productivity Expert

    One small change every week for 8 weeks can help you have more energy!

    What if you could make one health and wellness change every week for 8 weeks? Do you think you’d have more energy by the end of it?

    Having researched and written my book, Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life, I know first-hand the benefits that small steps can make toward great gains in health and wellness, so I know the answer is YES!

    Try one tip every week for the next 8 weeks and experience an influx of energy now!

    In Part One of this article, I talked about the first four steps people can take to get more energy in just eight weeks. Here are steps 5 through 8:

    Week 5: Stress Less for Success

    It’s week 5 and if you’ve made strides with your health and sleep, I bet your stress is already feeling more manageable.stress-less-and-live-more But if it’s not, use this week to really pay attention to the things that cause you stress and the ways your body responds when you’re stressed. You can’t ignore your stress and expect it to go away, but you can make small steps to increase your stress awareness.

    Take Action: Write down your key known stressors; certain circumstances, people or problems that you know cause you stress.

    What steps can you take this week to minimize or eliminate some of them? What steps can you take to increase your resilience against the stressors? Exercise, healthful eating, and good rest are great places to start!

    Week 6: C’mon, Get Happy!

    come-on-get-happyIn week 6 of your Impact 8 energizing efforts take a closer look at the places, people and pursuits in your life that bring you pleasure. Are you spending enough time nurturing that part of your life?

    The simple pursuit of happiness gets re-routed by day-to-day business, expectations from others, demands you place on yourself and of course enduring fatigue. And unhappiness can drain your energy more quickly than eating right and exercise can bring it back.

    Take Action: Do what makes you happy with people who make you happy. Take a blank piece of paper and write your happiness list; all the things that bring you joy and happiness. Do something from this list every day this week. So fun! Smile at yourself in the mirror every morning. Call a friend who makes you laugh. Spend some time in nature. Make a date with yourself to do something you enjoy.

    Week 7: Please Be Kind

    kindness-begets-kindnessImagine a world where everyone is just a little kinder. The people you pass on the street look you in the eye and say good morning. You take the time to help your elderly neighbor unpack their groceries.

    As you step up to buy your morning coffee you learn that the person ahead of you secretly paid for it. As you merge into traffic the driver ahead lets you in.

    You get to the office and your co-worker compliments you on the great job you’re doing. You get home and tell your partner how much you appreciate them.

    Take Action: This week focus on small ways that you can make a big difference with people you interact with on a daily basis. Acts of kindness are good for your health and don’t need to cost a lot in time or even money. Start a piggy bank for a cause. Throw spare change in for a year and see how much you save! Write a letter to someone who has made a difference in your life. Be kind to someone who is having a tough day, even if they’re not your favorite person. Leave a generous tip when you get great service. Donate blood, used clothing, canned goods or your time. Smile more.

    Week 8: Embrace your Passions

    follow-your-passion8 weeks to an energetic life. I think it’s worth the effort don’t you? And in this final week I hope you agree that passion is an essential ingredient in that recipe.

    Just think about how energized you feel when you’re doing something that you love. Passion feeds your spirit; it nurtures your self-esteem and self-worth, which in turn improves your personal energy.

    Take Action: If you know what you’re passionate about and aren’t doing it, use this week to re-connect with it – even in small steps. If you’re not sure what drives you in this way use this week to try new things. Write down all the things you used to love to do. Add a few new possibilities to the list. Spend time every day this week (even 10 minutes will do) feeding your spirit. Observe how you feel when you’re in pursuit of your passions.

    (published January 15, 2013)

    michelle-cederberg-health-professionalMichelle Cederberg is a Certified Speaking Professional, Co-Active Life Coach, Health Expert and Author. With a Masters in Kinesiology, a BA in Psychology, and a specialization in Health and Exercise Psychology, Michelle combines mind, body, and practicality to inspire change! She speaks with humour and passion, and encourages her audiences to put their own health and well being back on their priority lists with a small steps approach that leaves them believing they can. These energy tips are excerpted from her new book, Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life. Learn more at www.worklifeenergy.com.