• The Secret of Acupuncture to Lose Weight

    Thursday, July 11th, 2024

    by Scott Owens, Natural Healer

    If you are not getting the results you want from your diet and fitness routine, now may be the time to try acupuncture to lose weight. Acupuncture can support weight loss by increasing the body’s energy levels, which allows you to exercise harder.

    Acupuncture weight loss treatments also serve to increase circulation and boost your metabolism. The proper placing of acupuncture needles at key points on the body can help tap into its storehouse of energy. This lowers cholesterol, boosts metabolism and promotes weight loss.

    acupuncture-to-lose-weightAn acupuncture to lose weight regimen includes the insertion of needles into certain points on the body in order to improve its overall function and efficiency. Acupuncture for weight loss treatments encourage the body to release endorphins, which are known as a natural form of pain reliever.

    The release of endorphins also serves to control appetite, which is one reason acupuncture helps people to lose weight more easily. It’s also why acupuncture works without the need for diet supplements or weight loss pills.

    Lose Weight with Acupuncture

    If you are fat and want to get slim with acupuncture, then the first step is to undergo a physical and emotional evaluation by a licensed acupuncturist. He or she will try to get a better understanding of the psychological and lifestyle causes of your overweight condition.

    When the basic and deep-rooted reasons for being overweight are understood, the acupuncturist will then begin the acupuncture session. Hair-thin needles will be inserted into specific regions of your body in hopes of boosting metabolism, energy and overall function.

    By inserting acupuncture needles into the body at preordained points, energy will once again flow freely throughout your body. By clearing the body’s energy pathways, your body is now able to begin to heal and repair itself.

    Acupuncture Needle Placement

    In order to treat a client who is overweight, the acupuncture specialist typically places 5 needles in each ear. Four of the needles support detoxification of the body – the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the nervous system. The 5th needle simply helps the body to relax.

    Successful acupuncture weight loss treatments normally require a multifaceted approach. For example, your acupuncturist may try to influence your pituitary gland’s output, which will help you to manage your weight more effectively.

    Acupuncture: A Natural Appetite Suppressant

    Acupuncture for weight loss treatments can also reduce cravings for unhealthy and high-calorie foods. Specific needle placements are believed to lower insulin and lipid levels in the blood, thereby suppressing appetite naturally.

    Acupuncture for weight control and metabolism boost is all-natural, and there are no harmful side effects. Acupuncture treatments to support your slimming efforts thereby give your regular diet plan a better chance of succeeding.

    Try it and see: the next time you have a strong food craving, try massaging one of the following acupuncture points to help reduce hunger and control your appetite:

    • The primary appetite control point is located inside your ear, just above the earlobe. Hold this part of the ear between your thumb and index finger and squeeze gently for a few minutes to suppress hunger.

    • Another major point for appetite control is situated between your upper lip and your nose, about one-third of the way down from the nose. Press gently on this area with moderate pressure for a few minutes.

    • There is an appetite control area right behind where your earlobe meets the skin of your neck. Massage this area for 2 to 3 minutes to reduce hunger.

    Video: Acupuncture for Appetite Control


    Holistic Healing and Rejuvenation

    People who have undergone acupuncture often notice that they sleep better at night afterward. This is because acupuncture treatments promote a better overall balance of the body’s systems.

    Acupuncture for weight loss treatments should be repeated on a weekly basis in order to realize the full long-term slimming benefits. Having said that, acupuncture treatment in and of itself will not be enough to lose the weight for good. Other lifestyle changes will also be required.

    That’s why it is vital to include regular exercise and a low-fat diet in your acupuncture treatment plan. An experienced acupuncturist should be able to help you with diet tips, food allergy information and other holistic health advice to promote greater overall wellness.

    Acupuncture can be a great way to support your other weight loss efforts like diet and exercise. By boosting your metabolism and giving you more energy, you will have a better chance of long-term weight loss success.

    A Word About Alternative Weight Loss Therapies

    Before beginning any alternative therapy for weight loss, be aware that many have not been scientifically evaluated. Many times, only limited information is available about a particular therapy’s safety and effectiveness.

    Every country has its own rules about whether or not alternative medicine practitioners must be professionally licensed. If you decide to visit one, choose one licensed by a recognized national association.

    As with any decision you make about your health, consult first with your primary health care provider. Keep your physician informed about any alternative therapy to lose weight that you undertake.

    (published May 28, 2011)