• What is VASER Hi Def® Liposculpture?

    Friday, June 14th, 2024

    by Sam Sukkar, M.D., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Over time, the concept of beauty has gradually evolved from large and round to slender and angular. In recent years, the trend has accelerated even more towards having a slender and athletic body.

    A muscular and athletic male or female body shape is now most people’s ideal.

    Normally this athletic body type is achieved by means of strict diet and exercise. Aerobic and weight-bearing exercises can eventually create a well-developed muscular appearance.

    For a lot of people, however, diet and exercise do not always deliver the hoped-for results. Many individuals have stubborn areas of fat that seem impossible to get rid of despite vigorous exercise and a strict diet.

    VASER Hi Def® vs. Standard Liposuction

    How does VASER Hi Def® differ from traditional liposuction? Traditional liposuction removes just the deep and middle layers of fat, while doing nothing about the superficial fatty layer.

    The VASER Hi Def® breakthrough occurred when Dr. Alfredo Hoyos used VASER® ultrasound technology to achieve results in the sub-dermal layer of fatty tissue. As a result, he was able to achieve predictable athletic body contours with virtually no risk, no burns, and no internal damage.

    The unique shape of VASER’s probes allows for the selective and safe removal of fat from the body’s superficial layer. This superficial fatty layer is what often hides the defined musculature underneath.

    By carefully sculpting these areas, a cosmetic surgeon can give your body a highly defined appearance. VASER Hi Def® is only available from physicians who have been specifically trained in the procedure by its inventor, Dr. Hoyos.

    Is Hi Def® Effective for both Men and Women?

    The good news is: Yes! VASER Hi Def® was developed to create an athletic body shape in both women and men. It is the cutting-edge of liposculpture at this time. Only Hi Def® can offer patients such spectacular results with minimal recovery time.

    One caveat: It is important that you have good skin tone, as saggy skin will not shrink back sufficiently after the procedure to cling to the muscles. Your suitability for this unique procedure will be determined during a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon.

    VASER Hi Def® recognizes that the anatomy of skin, fat and muscle determine a person’s appearance. This new type of liposuction creates a highly-defined, sculptured appearance of the human body.

    A More Athletic Body Shape

    Most women who are athletic have preference for muscle definition from the bust area down to the groin. Using VASER Hi Def®, a woman’s waistline can be transformed into an hourglass figure, and the definition around your breasts can also be enhanced.

    vaser-hi-def-liposuction-before-and-afterFor athletic men, a sculpted and defined look can be created, giving you six-pack abs and cut pectoral muscles that only extreme exercise and dieting could otherwise deliver. This new liposuction technology can uncover hidden muscle definition around your abdomen, chest, upper arms, back and even legs. The result is a noticeably more toned and athletic appearance.

    How Long is the Procedure? What about Recovery Time?

    Following an initial consultation with your doctor, a date will be scheduled for your procedure. Following surgery and initial recovery from anesthesia (usually 4-6 hours), you will be discharged to your caretaker.

    It is important that you have someone to take care of you for the first 24 to 48 hours following surgery, as the specialized pressure garments need to be watched closely. Your doctor will then see you for essential post-op therapy sessions over the next 7-10 days. For most patients life returns to normal after about one month.

    (published April 9, 2012)

    plastic-surgeon-dr-sam-sukkarSam Sukkar, M.D., is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving patients from his private practice in Houston, Texas. Throughout his training and medical career, Dr. Sukkar has published on a broad range of topics in plastic surgery, both aesthetic and reconstructive. Houston Magazine named Dr. Sukkar as one of Houston’s “Top Docs for Women” in 2005 and 2006. For more information on the VASER Hi Def® procedure, or to schedule a consultation, visit Dr. Sukkar’s website at www.drsukkar.com.