• How I Became a Weight Loss Warrior

    Friday, April 12th, 2024

    by Mike Waudby, Author and Co-Founder of The Weight Loss Warriors

    Here is an extract from my book. A good example straight to the point of how I ended up the way I did. The rest of the book is my story of what I did to not only save my life, but transform it and make my dreams a reality. My book is real and written honestly, from the heart.

    weight-loss-warriors-book-mike-waudby33 stone … how the hell did that happen? Well, with severe depression, slow metabolism and your best friend is 3000 calories a day worth of alcohol, pretty easily.

    I was a ‘geek’ at school, got bullied both at home and in the classroom, which really does have a long lasting negative effect on anything you wish to achieve.

    But this is not an X-factor audition so I won’t start whinging about how bad things were and certainly will not call my weight loss a f*cking ‘journey!’

    My alcoholic sister was regularly fighting with my mum, blaring music in her room till 4am (she still does, she is 42 by the way) and generally being an all-round horrible cow.

    I reached 18 and I could and should have moved out of my parents’ home by then, but all I had was a crappy car valeting job and my best grade at school was a D – this plus massive confidence issues led me to turn to booze.

    Booze at the time made everything better, my heart didn’t beat as fast when my sister kicked off, I found sh*t TV slightly more interesting and being left on your own wasn’t that bad.

    I always wanted to become a wrestler, and despite drinking I was hitting the gym. By the age of 20 I was benching 300 pounds for 10 reps … and had 20 inch guns (OK, a lot of that was fat).

    Unfortunately though I received some pretty bad nutrition advice so despite the huge strength gains, I also got huge weight gains.

    By the age of 21, I was 22 stone, I still went out and socialized and got stupidly drunk, drinking a bottle of whiskey before I even went out.

    I was with Andy “Beast” Hawkins in Sharkey’s when a girl came up to me and said “Excuse me, do you mind leaving?” “Why?” I asked. “Because you’re making me and my friends feel sick.”

    Wow … f*cking wow, you just destroyed me while the whole pub heard, stared and laughed. That was the last time I went out in public, apart from going to doctors for 7 years.

    Hitting Rock Bottom: 462 Lbs.

    My life now started with alcohol. I needed it, locked in my bedroom away from the chaos. It made me … well, made me just less bored.

    mike-waudby-weight-lossAndy would visit now and then and we would drink and talk sh*t but other than that, it was just me for 7 years (oh, and whiskey, beer and whatever was cheap).

    I would order my drink online and have it delivered. My God my maths was good; I could calculate in my head quantity, amount of units and compare all the prices within seconds. I got the most for the money!

    Apart from watching TV for 7 years, there was the internet … in particular my female friends. I would talk to girls for hours on MSN or MySpace; one is even a page 3 girl now.

    In all there were 7, I kept them interested with my personality, unfortunately they had no idea I was 33 stone. I know this wasn’t fair to them but I was drunk and lonely.

    And it’s not like we were in love, we just had a giggle and talked for hours. Obviously they eventually wanted pictures and when I didn’t deliver, I don’t blame them for disappearing.

    One night while listening to GNR with my headphones I thought what life is this?

    I had terrible pains where I put my body as so much weight was on it, even resting my arm on the armrest would result in shooting pains in my fingers.

    I was too scared to go to a gym as people pointed and laughed at me in the street so I thought f*ck it, drank 2 bottles of whiskey (Jackobite … blah) 8 cans of Stella and as many paracetamol and Valium tablets as I could find.

    I lost consciousness listening to my favorite band GNR. I remember waking up, no headache, no pains just a sickening feeling that I was still here and not dead.

    How I Lost 262 Lbs. in 18 Months

    mike-waudby-before-and-afterUsing willpower, commitment, motivation, strength, determination and the right mindset, along with the strength I found deep inside to keep me going, I reached my goal.

    I got where I needed to be in the shortest time possible. Even in the toughest place a person could find themselves in mentally, feeling lost and not knowing where to start, I lost 262 pounds in 18 months.

    I then went on to rebuild my life, and this is where you can eventually be too. I want to show you what you are capable of achieving if you push yourself to try and never give up.

    (published September 17, 2014)

    michael-waudbyMichael Waudby once weighed almost 500 lbs. Through hard work and discipline, Mike managed to lose 262 lbs. in 18 months, transforming his body and his life in the process. His before-and-after pictures took the world by storm and were shared in over 1,000 articles in more than 100 countries. Mike now seeks to help others do the same by establishing The Weight Loss Warriors, a group for like-minded individuals who want to change their lives. To find out more about the Weight Loss Warriors community along with purchasing Mike’s book, click here: www.theweightlosswarriors.co.uk.