• Author Bio: Mike Waudby

    Thursday, June 1st, 2023


    Mike Waudby, Author and Co-founder of The Weight Loss Warriors

    Mike Waudby’s transformation pictures took the world by storm and his pictures were shared in over a thousand articles in more than 100 countries:


    Taken aback by this, he set out to answer all those who begged for a secret and put the true facts about what it took mentally to transform one’s life.

    Born and raised in Hull England, Mike had average grades leaving school along with various jobs including security guard, greenhouse worker, car valeter and cleaner at a local gym.

    After depression really set in and he couldn’t bear being judged by society he became a recluse for 7 years drinking 2 bottles of whiskey every night to cope.

    He was unemployable and even if offered a job was too scared to leave the home. His first intentions after losing weight was to get educated and start a career.

    Mike first got qualified as a personal trainer with the support of my father and now very proud to be an author of my incredible success story and the Co founder of WLW.

    He is incredibly proud my new career involves helping others where he once was.

    Mike’s ultimate passion is to help others do the same and the answer is The Weight Loss Warriors.

    The WLW forum is no ordinary forum, it is the heart of our WLW family and it’s a place to go that Mike wishes he had when he weighed nearly 500 pounds.

    The no-nonsense WLW community forum will be updated with exclusive, unique and extremely powerful content from the Co-founders: The Weight loss Warrior Mike Waudby and world renowned coach and motivator Mike Pratt.

    Both of these men will share incredible experiences from both ends of the spectrum with a shared passion to not only deliver theirr hearts, passion and experience but provide the world with real, no-nonsense advice and truths that has the ability to guide you on not just losing weight, but transforming your lives.

    WLW will provide a community for like-minded people who can share views on not only the website’s content and Mike’s journey but their own as well, by making new friends, special bonds and feeling a part of a true family, and a place that will always be there for them when they need it.

    Mike’s mission is to teach and show how motivation along with good health and training can transform one’s life. Mike wants thousands if not millions of Weight Loss Warriors around the world.

    (published September 16, 2014)