• Natural and Delicious! Diet Juicing for Weight Loss

    Friday, May 24th, 2024

    by Sarah Roberts, Naturopath

    If a healthy diet and nutrition program is important to you, juicing for weight loss can bring many benefits. The best thing about a juicing for weight loss program is that you get an abundance of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals necessary for vitality and a healthy immune system, and hardly any fat.fruit-and-vegetable-juicer

    Fresh vegetable juice acts as a healthy and natural appetite suppressant because of its high fiber content. If you drink a glass of fresh vegetable juice before your main meal, you won’t feel as hungry.

    Fruit and vegetable juicing can also help to manage blood sugar levels, an important factor for nutrition and good health. The percentage of sugar is much lower than that of store-bought juice, yet it will satisfy your sweet tooth every time.

    This is what makes juicing for weight loss enjoyable. Many juicing for weight loss success stories come from the simple fact that you won’t crave sweets as much when you are juicing regularly.

    If you want to lose a lot of weight, you may want start off with a short juice fast. Juice fasting aids detoxification and gives you an energy boost. It also clears your body systems and improves their function, ensuring that your body is in optimal condition to lose the extra weight.

    On the other hand, if you prefer to start with a balanced eating plan, you may discover that having a glass of vegetable juice every day will make it easier to achieve your weight loss goals in the long run. Fresh juice recipes will add variety to your life and also make weight maintenance easier.

    Drinking Raw Juices for Body Detoxification

    For best results, try to use a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of every color, rotating them constantly in order to extract a diverse range of nutrients. There are many good juicing for weight loss books to help you create delicious recipes and ensure that your body is full of vitality and energy.

    raw-juices-for-body-detoxThe cleansing power of juice fasting will revitalize you. A juice diet can positively affect your immune system and metabolism as well when used as part of a total body cleanse detox program.

    The detox process is completely unique to each person. Your body’s reaction to colon detox will depend on the level of toxins present, your age, your diet and lifestyle, and various other factors.

    Toxins accumulate in the colon from air and water pollution, additives in food, hormones in meat, chemicals in our food, vaccines, and many other sources. A healthy body should eliminate these toxins through the liver, but since most people have an overload of toxins in their body, regular detoxing with fresh organic juices can be a big help.

    It’s important to realize that all disease and healing starts in the colon, therefore a healthy colon means a healthy body! Cleaning your colon with raw vegetables juices is a great way to detoxify your body, but your diet and lifestyle should also change so that you can begin to you naturally, each and every day.

    For example, drinking enough water, eating raw salads, and reducing or eliminating processed sugar and other foods is a big step toward detoxifying your entire body system.

    As you progress through your juicing detox, keep in mind that the positive effects may not show up immediately. Each person’s body reacts differently, and you will undoubtedly go through highs and lows in both energy and mood over a period of several days.

    As you detox by drinking fresh and raw juices, your eyes, your skin, your energy levels and even your moods will be affected. You may discover that your “bad” moods and even depression are simply signs of an overly-toxic body.

    Many times, feelings of hunger come from emotional rather than physical needs. Individuals who successfully complete a juice fast may find that they have greater self-discipline and control over their hunger. Eating because your body requires energy is much different from eating because you can’t deal with your feelings.

    “How Much Weight Will I Lose on a Juice Fast?”

    The main benefit of a vegetable juice fast is how fast the weight comes off. In the beginning, weight loss can be as much as three pounds per day. This will gradually taper off to one pound a day over time. After a juice fast is completed, your body will be more efficient.

    Digestion will be improved due to a cleaner colon. Your colon walls will have been cleansed of impacted fecal matter, allowing for the improved absorption of nutrients. This greater efficiency leads to enhanced energy, because healthy people burn more calories.

    By increasing your resting metabolism through exercise and healthy juicing, you are training your body to burn more calories naturally. Juicing for weight loss provides many additional benefits to your overall health and wellness. It is especially effective when combined with a colon cleanse for weight loss.

    Don’t wait any longer to get healthy. Go out and buy a good quality juicer and start your journey to wellness today through the wonderful healing power of raw foods!

    (published October 15, 2009)