• New! Hotpants for Weight Loss

    Monday, May 20th, 2024

    by Beth Goodman, Weight Loss Counselor

    Struggling with weight loss? If you are looking to lose weight quick, then a new type of exercise shorts has recently come on the market. Made by Zaggora and called “Hotpants,” they promise to help ladies drop two dress sizes in a period of only two weeks.

    Hotpants-for-weight-lossHotpants can help you lose weight and get rid cellulite by making you sweat up to 80 percent more than usual. Studies have shown that the body burns one calorie for every two grams of perspiration released. That means the more you perspire, the faster you burn calories and lose fat on your waist and thighs.

    Lose Weight with Zaggora Hot Pants

    Zaggora Hotpants are manufactured with Celu-Lite technology. Early users claim Hotpants are comfortable and feel much like wearing cycling shorts, but the difference is obvious when you take them off after your workout.

    Women wearing Hotpants say they produce a massive amount of perspiration during a workout. Afterward, the shorts are usually drenched with sweat, which means a large amount of calories has been burned.

    After two weeks of exercise while wearing Hotpants, most women notice a difference in their waistline and also a reduction in cellulite on their thighs. This new weight loss clothing seems to literally “burn off” excess fat.

    Hotpants for Cellulite Reduction

    Exercising with Hotpants is a good way to reduce the visible presence of cellulite on the thighs and bum. Cellulite is removed with Hotpants by using natural body heat to increase perspiration output by as much as 80 per cent.

    The more activities you do while wearing Hotpants, the quicker the weight will come off. But it needs to be vigorous physical activity that causes you to perspire, burn calories and lose fat.

    The average woman sweats approximately 600 grams a day while doing normal activities. With the addition of Hotpants, perspiration and calories burned increase dramatically. Zaggora claims the result is rapid weight loss.

    In Britain, a two week trial of 20 women resulted in 19 of them losing weight after wearing Hotpants every day for half an hour. When worn during sessions of vigorous exercise, average results were in the range of 10 to 12 pounds in only two weeks. Cellulite reduction was also noticeable and most users reported being very satisfied with the results.

    Zaggora Hotpants Reviews

    The reviews of Hotpants seem to be overwhelmingly favorable, with most users reporting substantial weight loss and reduction of cellulite in just two weeks. At a price of £44.99, they have been selling fast on the Zaggora website.

    For women who are looking for weight loss in a hurry, this new type of exercise clothing may be just what the doctor ordered. Hotpants can boost your weight loss efforts and literally make the fat melt off. Shapewear can come later, after you reach your target weight.

    Easy Weight Loss?

    diet successWhile many of us want to believe that there is an easy way to lose weight, the truth is that you have to stick to the fundamentals. That means a low-fat diet and regular exercise need to be part of any weight loss plan that works for the long-term.

    It’s important to have a long-term plan for weight loss that includes basic changes in lifestyle and eating habits. Without these sorts of fundamental changes, weight lost often returns more quickly than we could have imagined.

    But it certainly can’t hurt to try and speed up your weight loss by using a product like Hotpants. The concept of burning calories through increased perspiration has been shown to be effective, so Hotpants are probably worth trying.

    Fat-Burning Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

    chung-shi-shoes-weight-lossThere are currently several innovative products on the market to help a dieter lose weight with a minimum of effort. For example, Chung Shi shoes are popular among celebrities like Goldie Hawn and Jerry Hall. These fat-burning shoes have been designed with an uneven sole to facilitate correct walking techniques.

    Chung Shi shoes force the wearer to burn more calories, because the rolling action of the shoe sole makes the muscles work harder. This improves not only muscle tone and posture but also uses up more energy, thus burning more calories.

    Another popular weight loss clothing item are called Calorie Burning Control Top Tights. They are manufactured by a company called ShaToBu and use everyday movements to help wearers lose weight and get slim.

    With their focus on the tummy, hips and tummy region, the resistance bands built into the tights are said to tone muscles. This results in 12% greater calorie burn than in usual tights, according to the company.

    In Japan, many men and women are wearing a new type of weight loss underwear that helps to burn hundreds of calories a week. The MXP Calorie Shaper Pants are made from materials that make muscles work harder when walking or climbing the stairs. The company claims that walking 90 minutes a day while wearing the Calorie Shaper Pants burns an additional 210 calories a week.

    (published September 22, 2011)