• How She Did It: The Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Plan

    Friday, April 12th, 2024

    by Jessica Bennett, Diet Counselor

    Kirstie Alley achieved her weight loss goal after losing 75 pounds on the Jenny Craig Diet Program. Kirstie Alley’s weight loss success now has many women wondering, “How did she do it?”

    Kirstie-Alley-before-and-afterKirstie combined a low-calorie diet with regular exercise in order to achieve her weight loss goals. She turned her living room into a home gym so that she could work out whenever she felt like it.

    Unfortunately, Kirstie also experienced weight loss rebound, which means that she gained back most of the weight she lost. But she believes that she learned a lot from her weight loss failure, and is now determined to take off the pounds for good.

    Kirstie says she thought about hiring a personal trainer to help motivate and push her to exercise more. And Kirstie has now developed a new weight loss system called the Organic Liaison Weight Loss Program and Diet Plan to help other women hopefully lose weight forever.

    What are the Best Weight Loss Programs?

    There are a seemingly endless variety of diet and weight loss programs available these days. So, which one is best?

    The truth is that there are no shortcuts to taking off those unwanted pounds. Losing weight requires effort; the best weight loss plans are the ones that bolster your own efforts with a systematic approach to slimming.

    No matter which plan you choose, it should involve a commonsense approach that utilizes both reduced calorie intake and increased exercise. Without both of these elements, it’s hard to achieve weight loss success that lasts.

    The Weight Watchers Diet Plan

    The Weight Watchers lose weight program advocates a sensible diet, along with exercise and a positive attitude. Weight Watchers has been proven to help people lose weight in several scientific studies.

    Weight Watchers can be customized for women with special dietary needs (for example, gluten intolerance). Weight loss support groups, both in-person and online, are important elements of the program.

    Dieters on the Weight Watchers program must keep track of their calories they consume, which means every food is assigned a point value. The Weight Watchers Points Plus system puts an emphasis on nutritious whole foods, including fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber.

    Weight Watchers is believed to be the most successful diet plan, with many before-and-after weight loss success stories. Weight Watchers has locations in many countries around the world, and there is also Weight Watchers online.

    The Slim-Fast Diet Program

    slim-fast-3-2-1-diet-planFor people who don’t like to count calories or cook diet meals, the Slim-Fast Diet Plan can be a good choice. Slim-Fast bars and shakes are nutritionally-balanced and can help you lose weight. They also taste good and make losing weight easier.

    Weight loss with the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 diet plan entails eating two bars or drinking two shakes per day. Dieters are also allowed a 500-calorie dinner of lean protein and vegetables, plus three 100-calorie snacks during the day or evening. Three snacks, two bars or two shakes, and one delicious dinner: hence the name “3-2-1.”

    Lose Weight with Jenny Craig

    The Jenny Craig Diet Plan is considered nutritionally balanced and has helped many people lose weight, including Kirstie Alley. This diet is based on frozen and prepackaged meals – Jenny Craig dieters buy breakfast, lunch and dinner meals and then may add their own fresh fruits, vegetables and yogurt.

    With Jenny Craig weight loss, once you reach the halfway point on your way to your goal weight, diet counselors then start helping you to plan your own meals a few times a week. As you get closer to your weight loss goal, the Jenny Craig diet meals are eaten less frequently.

    Diet and Exercise to Lose Weight

    Whether it’s the South Beach Diet, the Body Makeover Diet or whichever weight loss and diet plan you choose, make sure that it includes nutritionally-balanced and healthy menu plans with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. Moderate exercise a few times a week can also speed weight loss and allow you to reach your diet goals more quickly.

    To understand weight loss, you first should understand that your body uses the food you consume for energy, and then stores any leftover energy as fat. That means when you eat more food than your body needs to satisfy its daily energy requirements, you’ll end up gaining weight.

    Therefore, in order to lose weight you need to burn off these fat stores. The most effective way to do this is to either to reduce the amount of calories you eat, or to increase your activity level.

    If you increase the amount you exercise, but maintain the same diet and calorie intake, the weight will come off. It comes down to basic math: fewer calories in, and more calories burned.

    Rather than try to lose the weight all at once, try instead to lose weight in small steps. Small changes can actually make a big difference when it comes to weight loss success.

    For example, one or two extra cookies a week can mean a weight gain of five pounds in a year. Cut those extra cookies out of your diet and you’ll end up losing those five pounds instead of gaining them!

    Instead of giving up the foods you enjoy, it’s a lot easier to look for low-fat or reduced calorie versions. If you can start to think of weight loss in terms of permanently changing your eating habits, you’re definitely on your way.

    While most people set weight loss goals in term of weeks, your ultimate goal should be to sustain these changes over months and years. In other words, take off the weight, and keep it off – for good!

    (published June 7, 2011)