• Cheap Mountain Bikes! Where to Find Them

    Thursday, July 18th, 2024

    by Kent Brewer, Fitness Consultant

    If you are a mountain biker, you understand well that a quality mountain bike can often put a major hole in your budget. That’s why saving money on a mountain bike is worth the time and effort. Everybody these days seems to be looking for ways to buy cheap mountain bikes.

    Of course, we all want to know where we can find mountain bikes on sale for a cheaper price. Fortunately, it’s no longer the case that the more expensive the bike, the higher the quality. These days there are many quality mountain bike manufacturers offering a variety of brands and models to suit almost any taste and budget.

    cheap-mountain-bikesGranted, the highest-quality bikes can still cost several thousand dollars. For those with a limited budget, take your time and shop around for the best prices on mountain bikes within your price range. Good deals on bikes are always available; it just may take a little more time to uncover them.

    Cheap Mountain Bikes Online

    The internet is one of the easiest ways to find cheap mountain bikes for sale. By searching the web you can find the best deals and the lowest prices if you take your time and look in the right places. There are a lot of bike shops online that offer great prices, with cheap mountain bikes under $100 occasionally appearing.

    Searching for phrases like “cheap mountain bikes for kids” should give you a lot of leads to pursue. You might also look at cheap mountain bikes for sale, or other similar words related to bicycles.

    Mountain Bike Websites

    Most bike manufacturers and major bike shops have their own websites, and you may be able to find good deals on mountain bikes online. Look for a particular brand that you like and you may find discounts or other special sales on the homepage.

    The best mountain bike makers will have discount offers called “specials” or “hot deals.” There will most likely be a link that will take you to a cheap mountain bike website. Buying a mountain bike over the internet and having it shipped to your home is a popular option these days.

    Mountain biker forums are also a great way to meet other bikers and ask questions about the best bikes for your particular needs. The people on these forums tend to be passionate about the sport and likely will share their advice and experience with you.

    Mountain Bike Factory Outlets

    At factory outlets you can find low-priced bikes that may be a year or two old but are still “like new.” Factory outlet stores normally sell last year’s models at a discount. In general terms, mountain bikes from the previous year go for much lower prices.

    Often the quality is quite high, and it’s possible to get a really great deal. That’s why paying a visit to a factory outlet when shopping for a new bike is always a good idea.

    Mountain bike prices tend to fluctuate significantly throughout the year. The prime buying season is from spring through summer. If you are patient enough to wait until the right price comes along (usually in fall and winter) you can save a substantial amount.

    Cheap Mountain Bike Parts

    You will also discover that many bike shops offer discounts on accessories or other products and services when you buy a mountain bike from them. If you buy a helmet, light, and water bottle along with your bike, you can save money on the entire package of bike + accessories.

    Here’s another thought: rather than buy a whole new bike, you may be able to repair your existing bike. Mountain bike parts and accessories sold at a discount may allow you to economically repair your current bike and make it almost as good as new.

    So when your bike needs to be fixed and you need a new part, be sure to look online for discount mountain bike parts. You might also pick up some energy bars for quick nutrition on your ride.

    Buying Your First Mountain Bike

    If this is your first mountain bike purchase, then a good quality and cheap mountain bike is probably the best option. By shopping around and comparing prices, you should be able to find a low price mountain bike that will serve your needs for several years.

    Seek out bike shops that have a good reputation among experienced bikers. Many of the best bike shops are smaller businesses that offer more personal attention, yet normally carry the best brands.

    While you may have an easier time finding a low-price mountain bike in a large store that has a wide selection, you may not get the same level of customer service.

    Buying a bike online through a dealer that carries the kind of bike you want could be the right choice for you. Try looking for bike shops online that have a decent selection of accessories and a professional-looking website. Best of Luck to you!

    (published February 25, 2011)