• The Joys of Aging: Am I Turning Into My Mother?

    Thursday, July 11th, 2024

    by Judy Weitzman, Diet Coach

    Are you over 60? If you are, there can be issues with with your appearance.

    My area of expertise is weight loss, but losing weight is not just about what we eat. It is also about body image.

    When I look in a mirror, at a photo, or simply look south … I sometimes do not recognize myself anymore!

    What the heck? The chin hairs, thinning hair, grey hair, general sagging, fat on my back and dryness are just a few of the things that are driving me and many of my peers nuts!

    For Ladies Only: The Drama of Chin Hairs

    Let’s talk chin hairs … they randomly show up … seriously, you can pluck away when you put your make-up on in the morning, and then “poof!” – later that day you have sprung a new one and it is already half an inch long.

    Now don’t go saying “I didn’t see it because I use my 6X magnifying mirror daily for just this purpose.”


    Have you noticed that if it is hot and humid, there are more chin hairs? Then if you find one to the right of your chin, there is probably another one to match it on the other side.

    However, I have experienced singular hairs. How do they grow so fast? And do you pluck, wax or laser these little puppies? Oh, the drama of chin hairs!

    Another random thought about chin hairs, maybe they got lost and really belong in my eyebrows because my eyebrows are much thinner these days.

    Speaking of thinning hair, men are not the only ones who go bald. Women are luckier but their hair gets thinner too. Go figure.

    A Sagging Body After 60: What Can Be Done?

    When I go to the gym, I am seriously fighting gravity. My face is holding up pretty well, but boy those inner thighs are drooping in a big way … is there such a thing as inner thigh lifts?

    At least those can be camouflaged but the upper arms are a whole other story. At the gym, the weight lifters call those flappy arms “Hi Martha’s”.


    Now I understand why my mom never wanted to go sleeveless. But even worse than sagging thighs and flappy upper arms is the mysterious back-fat which comes out of nowhere, and is frankly disgusting.

    Having muffins tops over your pants is one thing but having muffin tops over your bra is gross! Sometimes it looks like I am growing a second pair of boobs on my back! YUK.

    I have tried countless numbers of bras to try and minimize the loose skin and none of them work. Have you found one you like? Please share!

    This is not a weight issue, either. Even though I feel fat most days, technically I am not fat at all. I am 5-7ish and weigh about 125 lbs. I am underweight according to the charts, so losing weight is not going to fix these issues.

    An Extended Bedtime Beauty Regimen

    And for those of you who are also over 60, do you find that getting ready for bed keeps taking longer and longer? The basics of brushing your teeth, flossing and washing your face are easy-peasy.

    But then you have to apply lotions and potions to help fight gravity and age spots, put in eye drops because your eyes are dry, you must floss before you put in your night-guard and then you see one of those random chin hairs and once you start plucking, it can go on forever!

    Oh, almost forgot … be sure to use your loofa on your feet. You want your feet to look pretty in yoga class!

    I am baffled and feeling like Vinnie Barbarino (of “Welcome Back, Kotter” fame), who would always say, “I am so confused!” All of these new body changes make me realize I am not in my twenties anymore.

    The good news (if there is any) is that by eating healthy, stay hydrated, getting enough sleep and staying active, all of these crazy changes will seem less annoying.

    So … Cheers! Have a big glass of water on me!

    (published January 27, 2015)

    diet-coach-judyJudy Weitzman, known as “Diet Coach Judy,” has experience in the weight loss industry that spans more than 30 years. She is the author of How to Eat When Life Gets in the Way. Besides her professional experience, she lost 50 pounds nearly 30 years ago and has maintained her lower weight. Judy has successfully helped her clients lose weight and keep it off by helping them change their behaviors. Each program is individualized and the daily support she offers helps ensure her clients’ success. To learn more about Judy, visit her website at www.dietcoachjudy.com.