• Beauty Corner: Nip and Fab Bust Fix Reviews

    Thursday, July 11th, 2024

    by Tina Hunter, Beauty Consultant

    Bigger breasts without surgery? There is a new breast enhancement serum on the market that claims to be the latest alternative to a surgical boob job. If it works as advertised, Nip and Fab Bust Fix could signal the end of padded bras and high-cost cosmetic surgery.

    nip-and-fab-bust-fixThis new breast enlargement cream boasts being able to boost a woman’s bust size by almost a full cup size in just one month’s time. This new “boob job in a tube” stimulates the formation of naturally-occurring fat cells in the breasts, where they are stored and lead to an increase in cup size.

    NIP + FAB Bust Fix is selling like hotcakes in the U.K., given that some women have seen their bust size increase by almost an entire cup size in just one month. This latest natural breast enhancement product contains the skin of the fruit mangosteen, which stimulates the production of fatty acids in a woman’s breast tissue.

    Bust Fix by Nip and Fab also appears to increase the size of the existing fat cells, leading to greater firmness and breast lift. While collagen-boosters focus on the skin around the breasts, Bust Fix actually penetrates into the stores of fat that lie under the skin.

    News reports say that in independent clinical trials on over 5,000 women, approximately 65 percent of them experienced an increase of at least half a cup size after 3 months, while close to 25 percent increased cup size by three quarters.

    Nip+Fab Bust Fix Reviews

    For women who have been embarrassed about having small breasts, this new type of breast enhancement without surgery is very welcome news, indeed. Reviews of Bust Fix by Nip and Fab have been overwhelmingly positive, with many women standing in line for hours to get their hands on it.

    The best thing about it is that rather than have expensive breast implants that may not look natural, Bust Fix gives women a safe, non-surgical alternative. They no longer have to wear push-up bras, and many feel much more confident about their appearance as a result.

    natural-breast-enhancementWhile many users have been skeptical that this bust cream can do the job, after a few weeks of using it morning and night, they are able to notice a difference in size. Sagging breasts have become fuller, firmer and rounder with the help of Nip and Fab Bust Fix serum.

    Dermatologists who analyzed Bust Fix have discovered that it increases the process of lipogenesis, the production of fatty acids, in a short period of time. This boob cream also contains natural ingredients like quince-hydrogel and green algae, both of which help of support, lift and firm a woman’s breasts.

    This new serum made by NIP + FAB gives the breasts the nutrients they need for greater skin elasticity and lift. According to media reports, 85 percent of women in the clinical trials noted that the product smoothed and firmed the skin around the bust and neck areas. The results for many women were preferable to breast augmentation before-and-after performed by a surgeon.

    If you are looking for a way to increase your bust size without surgery, then Bust Fix by Nip + Fab may be able to help. With the initial glowing reviews and sold-out status in the United Kingdom, it’s certainly worth giving this serum a try so that you can avoid expensive breast augmentation surgery and still get the attractive figure you want.

    Bust Enhancement Creams that Work

    A new “miracle” cream that promises to boost a woman’s breast size and plump up her cleavage is also available from the cosmetics company Elevate. Its product, called “Elevate Bust Enhancer,” boasts of an average increase in bust size of around 2 inches (about one cup size) based on the results of a small clinical trial.

    After six weeks, 80% of the clinical trial participants experienced an increase in breast size after applying the “Elevate Bust Enhancer” product two times a day. The cream contains commipheroline, a natural active ingredient derived from the commiphora mukul tree of India and well-known in Ayurvedic medicine.

    This new bust cream stimulates the production of fat in the breasts, thus helping to increase a woman’s bust size. It also contains healthy amounts of Vitamin E, which has been shown to prevent cellular damage while simultaneously strengthening the skin.

    Elevate Bust Enhancer also firms and smooth out the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the two main layers of cells that make up the skin, helping to erase fine lines and give the breasts a more plump appearance overall.

    Clinical trials with Elevate have shown that it is in many ways a “boob job in a tube,” because it provides the same smoothing, firming and size increase that comes with surgery, but without any of the associated risks. Elevate Bust Enhancer retails for £69.95 in the United Kingdom and should be available in other countries soon.

    (published November 8, 2011)