• Swisscode Hyaluron Reviews: Better than Botox?

    Thursday, April 11th, 2024

    by Kelly Morgan, Beauty Consultant

    If you are looking for a wrinkle remover that works, but are nervous about trying Botox, then a new anti-wrinkle serum that has recently hit the market may be just what you need. Seen as an alternative to Botox and other facial cosmetic procedures, Swisscode Hyaluron sold out in the United Kingdom within days of its initial launch.

    swisscode-hyaluron-botox-alternativeThe wrinkle cream Hyaluron, made by beauty firm Swisscode, has been a smashing early success thanks to proponents who claim it can reverse the signs of aging by five years or more.

    Initial orders for the £45 ($70) serum were way ahead of demand, and beauty experts are forecasting it to the biggest hit of the year among new cosmetic and beauty products.

    The early reviews of Swisscode Hyaluron have been quite positive. Celebrities Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are believed to be among the Hollywood stars who use the Hyaluron anti-wrinkle serum to keep their skin looking younger and wrinkle-free. Rumor also has it that Helen Mirren and Emma Thompson have been using this oil-free serum in preparation for the upcoming Academy Awards.

    Users say that the Hyaluron serum gives one all the benefits of dermal fillers without the “frozen” look that comes from too many Botox injections. The active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, and the product is said to contain the purest form of this key wrinkle-removing compound.

    How Swisscode Hyaluron Wrinkle Remover Works

    Hyaluron works by rebalancing the proportion of mediators in the body, as these are very important for the regulation of the immune system. Through better absorption of Vitamin C, Hyaluron penetrates deeply into the skin, forming a film that locks in moisture. It then proceeds to form an invisible barrier on the surface as it works to hydrate and repair the topical layers of the skin called the stratum corneum.

    The stratum corneum is the outermost of the five layers of the skin’s epidermis and is primarily responsible for the critical “barrier function” of the skin. If Swisscode Hyaluron performs as promised, your skin will maintain a young and fresh appearance. This is because the Hyaluron serum passes through the layers of the skin, reaching the area where it can be the most effective in repairing damage.

    Hyaluron is produced naturally in every cell of the body and has a firming effect on the skin’s connective tissue. Hyaluron helps to retain the skin’s moisture and forms structures capable of keeping 99 percent of the water in the skin. This leaves the skin looking fresher and with wrinkles visibly reduced.

    Its proponents believe that with Swisscode Hyaluron women can achieve similar results to those with Botox, yet avoid the pain of needles and injections. The company claims that tests on volunteers aged between 32 and 47 showed an improvement in the skin’s hydration of up to 21% over a period of several weeks.

    The good news is that not only does Swisscode Hyaluron remove wrinkles, it also serves as the perfect moisturizer for younger and more radiant skin. The product promises visible wrinkle reduction and is seen as a natural Botox alternative.

    Suitable for all skin types, it increases the skin’s intake of Vitamin C. The reviews continue to be positive, and time will tell if this new cosmetic product for getting rid of wrinkles really is the alternative to Botox that we have all been waiting for.

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    (published February 25, 2012)