• Author Bio: Jill Swanson

    Thursday, June 13th, 2024


    Jill Swanson, nationally known image coach and motivational speaker, has been helping people look their personal best for more than 25 years through her seminars and consulting business, Simply Beautiful.

    jill -swanson-beauty-consultantShe is the author of the books Simply Beautiful – Inside and Out, and the newly-released Out the Door in 15 Minutes! How to Look Fabulous Fast.

    Her books and popular DVD “Simply Scarves – 30 Ways to Tie a Scarf in 30 Seconds” are available on Amazon.com.

    Jill has received high acclaim for her outrageous and popular keynote “before and after” transformation presentation. She brings a whole new viewpoint to successful verbal and non-verbal communication!

    As an expert in the industry, Ms. Swanson has been featured on television, radio and in magazines and newspapers and travels throughout the country working with businesses, organizations and individuals covering key image issues such as:

    • How to Look like A Million without Spending it
    • Wardrobe Personality Profiling
    • Professional Dressing
    • The Silent Language of Color and Clothing

    Jill is a member of the National Speakers Association and serves on the board of the Association of Image Consultants International for the Chicago chapter.

    Jill’s consultations are available both in person and online. Learn more about Jill on her website: JillSwanson.com.

    (published May 26, 2013)