• Speed Up Weight Loss with Raspberry Ketones!

    Friday, April 12th, 2024

    by Lisa Lynn, Fitness Expert and Weight Loss Specialist

    Boosting your metabolism for increased weight loss is not as hard as you might think. The first thing you need to do is to make sure you stay hydrated – if you get dehydrated, you can slow your metabolism up to three percent!

    Second, let’s say you’re eating an unhealthy meal and it’s nine o’clock at night. Then you need to wait 10-12 hours before you start eating again.

    Let your body digest the food, process it, and cleanse itself before you give it more food.

    lynfit-complete-protein-shakeThe third thing you can do to kick-start your metabolism is to wake up in the morning and have a protein shake. Preferably, get up and do your exercise on an empty stomach, then have your protein shake.

    This could boost your metabolism as much as 25% percent after your workout! You could also add L-carnitine (around 500 milligrams) right after your workout and that will help boost your metabolic rate even further.

    As we age, our metabolism declines. There are a variety of reasons for this: antihistamines make our metabolism slow down, anti-depressants make our metabolism slowdown, cheese and bad foods make our metabolism slow down.

    That’s why we need all these other ways to boost our metabolism and push it in the opposite direction. That way at least we can stay at the status quo and not fall farther behind.

    Optimizing Your Workout for Better Weight Loss

    Optimizing your workout for better weight loss has nothing to do with your workout, believe it or not. Losing weight has eighty percent with what you’re eating so you could work out all day and if you’re not eating correctly – clean and pure foods straight from the earth, lean proteins, vegetables – then you’re not going to see any weight loss, believe it or not!

    So examine your diet and aim for filling up half your plate with vegetables and the other half with a lean protein. Fish would be best – for example, whitefish or sole – put that together with your workout and now you are going to see weight loss!

    Remember: 80 percent of weight loss success comes from your diet!

    Add Raspberries to Your Routine

    The health benefits of eating raspberries begins with the fact that raspberries are very high in fiber and loaded with antioxidants.

    As a trainer, one of the first things they teach you is that if you can’t change someone’s diet make them eat a handful raspberries with every meal.

    That’s because raspberries fill you up and discourage you from eating a scone or some other kind of baked good when you are hungry.

    Eat the raspberries instead and your health will benefit. Full of fiber, antioxidants, and they replace the bad food.

    What Are Raspberry Ketones?

    Raspberry ketones come from red raspberries (and you would need to eat a bushel of them by the way in order to get the same effect you get from taking them in pill form) and raspberry ketones actually trick your body into “thinking like a thin person.”

    By that I mean they help break up fat cells within the cell making them easier to burn. You will lose lots of weight on raspberry ketones because they help keep you feeling full most of the time so they help you stop snacking so much.

    How Do Raspberry Ketones Burn Fat?

    Raspberry ketones actually slice up your fat cells, making them easier to burn.
    raspberry-ketones-doctor-oz-fat-busterSo imagine it’s a bit like going through a fishnet strainer – the smaller the particle, the easier it is to get through.

    Not only do they break up the fat to make it easier to burn, they also make you feel full – I like to describe it as like opening up an umbrella in your stomach.

    Raspberry ketones contain a lot of fiber so that’s what actually “opens up” in your stomach and makes you feel really full.

    By helping you to get through those craving times where you normally gain weight, you will instead lose weight on raspberry ketones.

    They’ll help you burn fat and stay full so that you don’t store fat.

    How Much Raspberry Ketone Should You Take to Burn Fat?

    lynfit-accelerator-with-raspberry-ketonesI suggest 100 milligrams at breakfast – immediately at breakfast because if you don’t you’ll forget to take them – 100 mg. to 200 mg. at breakfast and again at lunch.

    I recommend raspberry ketone in capsule form – you’re never gonna get this from eating fresh raspberries unless you eat eighty or ninety pounds to get the equivalent you get in a capsule.

    Some people need to take a little bit more than that, but start with a 100 milligrams and building to two hundred. Take it at breakfast and again at lunch and go from there.

    I don’t like to take raspberry ketones by themselves, which is why I usually suggest you take them in combination with other weight loss supplements so that you’ve always got something working for you.

    So do your homework, look out there online and see what’s available and at your local health food store. If you need help, ask me for it! Take a look at melatonin for weight loss. It has helped others lose weight.

    (published June 28, 2013)

    lisa-lynn-fitnessLisa Lynn is a fitness expert and a specialist in weight loss and metabolic disorders. Lisa’s approach to weight loss is based on personal experience, and her dedicated study of the metabolic effects of food, specific exercises and the smart use of supplements. Lisa is always available to help you become the fittest, healthiest person you can be, as well as for lectures and training. Visit Lisa’s website, lynfit.com, for information about her LynFIT Program, her great fitness and nutrition products, and much more.