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    Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

    by Samuel Lam, M.D.

    OVA began as part of my journey as a plastic surgeon. I do a procedure called facial fat transfer where we put fat in the face. A component of that is actually the stem cells within the fat can which make the skin look better from the inside out.

    What I wanted to see was if there was something from the outside in that could actually benefit the skin as well? That’s what led me to OVA, which is a plant-derived stem cell rejuvenation of the skin.

    Rejuvenation of the Skin Using Stem Cells

    The concept behind OVA was really two things: One as I mentioned was stem cell rejuvenation.

    Ova-CLEAN-stem-cell-skin-careTo me, it was really important to provide at a cellular level beautiful rejuvenation using all natural plant-derived stem cells.

    The second concept was ease of use. As a gentleman, I like to use one product in the morning and one product at night. I simply couldn’t find that. There are just too many things on the shelves right now that require too many steps.

    I wanted it to be easy – so this is easy for both men and women. That’s really another fundamental element of this advanced stem cell therapy product line for the skin.

    Ova is a name that means “eggs” in plural in Latin, so it’s a rebirth. The slogan we use is “rebirth in every cell,” because I believe at a cellular level there is a rebirth every time you use this product. I talk more about this in the following video:

    The other concept behind this is that OVA as an acronym stands for Opulence, which is the luster of the skin, Vitality which is skin health, and Agelessness, which is really that youthful countenance you can have with this product. The names we have chosen for the products embody these characteristics: OVA Clean, OVA AM, OVA PM and OVA PM-Lite.

    Quality Product Design for Quality Results

    Ova-AM-stem-cell-skin-careAt the core of this product is the quality of the ingredients and the results it delivers. But for me, I’m very passionate about design.

    I’ve designed every part of my life, and this product is no exception. I’ve designed the packaging, the name, the logo – every element of it. And I really think good design is an expression of good product.

    Good Technology, Proven in the Laboratory

    Ova-PM-stem-cell-skin-careAt the heart of this product is good technology. I’ve worked with biochemists with 20 years of experience in a laboratory that is amazing in terms of its quality control and its research.

    I’ve reviewed stacks of white papers that really go through the science of this. Going through the science step-by-step of all the elements that make up this product makes me believe that this product is going to succeed.

    Skin Care: Results are What Matter

    Ova-PM-lite-stem-cell-skin-careForget technology. Forget good design. Forget the name. And forget the concept behind it. What really matters is results.

    And for me, the results shine. I’ve tried so many skin care products over the last ten years, and nothing really impacted my skin the way this does.

    Once we got the final formulation right, I was just blown away by the results. It was such a great result for my skin. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before.

    That’s why I am so passionate about it!

    (published October 1, 2012)

    dr-samuel-lamSamuel M. Lam, M.D. is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and a board-certified hair restoration surgeon. The author of five major medical textbooks, Dr. Lam lectures monthly both nationally and internationally. He is the owner of the 27,000 square foot Willow Bend Wellness Center in Dallas, Texas, which supports meditation, revitalization, rejuvenation, relaxation and wellness. Dr. Lam has succeeded in recent years with his own physical transformation through a combination of proper diet and exercise, and would like to help others do the same.